I first worked with Mary Moonstar when I hired her to create what I called the Esoteric Vibrations Lounge, with tarot, energy and breath work, reiki, sound baths, etc. at a party I threw. The lounge was a huge hit, and one of my closest friends credited Mary with giving her insight that led her to make huge changes in her life. But I really got to experience Mary’s wisdom up close when I subsequently went through a difficult break up and, at a personal low point, was reaching out to anyone who had insights to give that might help me. Being a person based in science and logic, I have never been what one would consider “spiritual.” But what was great about talking with and leaning on Mary was the fact that, while her spiritual knowledge and experience is vast, she also has the ability to connect it to the logical, tangible and emotional. She doesn’t only lean on cards, astrology and what have you. She takes her understanding of the esoteric, but is able to apply it to the real world, with tangible steps, tools to help you find your level of spirituality, useful real world strategies and perspective, and a deep well of sensitivity and understanding. I can honestly say that without Mary’s insight and support, I would not have been able to take the appropriate steps to rebuild my relationship, which I was able to do after a period of introspection and continued guidance from Mary. I am thankful that our paths crossed, and I would urge anyone in need of direction, coaching, insight and the like, both spiritual and otherwise, to consider connecting with her.


Mary Moonstar is absolutely amazing! She is truly connected, blows me away with everything that comes to her! I have been consulting with her for over five years and she always guides me toward the right path. I have had healings, chakra balancing, yoga sessions, aromatherapy, intuitive and astrology readings, literally everything she offers is amazing. I LOVE the online and phone sessions she offers when I have little time to go to her, she’s just as amazing. She knows exactly what I need to guide with internal expansion. Her space is very spiritual, clean, calming and makes me feel at ease. Her approach is very in-tune, soothing and she picks up on everything without having to ask, she just knows. Best part is I continue to see and feel it after each session. It’s incredible, I always end up texting her telling her about the incredible things that unfolded after the session. I recommend Mary Moonstar to anyone searching for answers, healings, knowledge and personal empowerment. She’s truly THE BEST!!!


I love Marymoonstar! She is amazing and super connected. She has healing hands and does excellent work! She has made great progress in my healing…

Johnny S.

I had Mary run the Esoteric Vibrations Lounge at my party BIRTHDAYPALOOZA 2018: ButterFish’s Bohemian Bliss (A Soulful House Experience) in April. She did reiki, breath and energy work, tarot and astrology readings, and more! She, and the lounge, was a HUGE hit, and many people spoke of her insight, truth and positivity. As well, I have a friend who has several physical ailments who has visited Mary as an energy healer, and swears by her healing abilities and instincts.


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